Extended Warranties & GPS Tracking System

Your unit is fully protected with our manufacturer's extended service programs. The Yamaha YES program is the best protection for your peace of mind. Covered repairs have no mileage or hour limit and are designed to get you back riding without the worries of potential repair costs. These plans go beyond the manufacturer's warranty and cover your vehicle up to 5 years from the in-service date. Enjoy Life - don't worry about repair costs! Be sure to ask us about contract terms.

POLARISTAR Protection Plus plans are designed to give you the time to enjoy life. You have purchased a quality product - we want to help you protect this investment. You choose the coverage term, up to 5 years. No mileage or hour limitations on covered repairs. Minimize your out-of-pocket expenses by protecting your purchase. The manufacturer's warranty provides coverage for repairs for a limited time, just a fraction of the life of your vehicle. The POLARISTAR Protection Plus plan provides coverage and minimizes your exposure to potential repairs costs for up to 5 years from the in-service date. Be sure to ask us about contract terms.

Kawasaki's Good Time Protection Plan is just that - protection for the good times on your vehicle. Keep riding and enjoying, don't worry about out of pocket repair expenses. The extended service contract is designed to take over where the manufacturer's warranty leaves off. Choose terms up to 5 years from the in-service date to protect YOUR good times. Be sure to ask us about contract terms.

The Hybrid “SELECT” System offers today’s latest interfaced GPS/Cellular Technologies. The system was designed for 24/7/365 Security & Protection. The Hybrid “SELECT” System has achieved dramatic advancements over traditional ground based stolen vehicle recovery systems that have limited coverage and rely on weak radio signals. Instead, we are proudly able to offer a more robust Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Family Member Safety System.

With 24/7/365 Full Nationwide Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance, Roadside Assistance, & Concierge Services, the Hybrid “SELECT” System truly offers an All-In-One Safety & Security protection plan for you and your loved ones.

With the Hybrid “SELECT” System you are able to take advantage of access to Real-Time Power Sports GPS Tracking and Historical Reporting from any computer or mobile device using our Custom Software with Google Earth. Also available for download is the mobile app for the iPhone or iPad.

Feature & Alerts

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance
  • Motion Sensor
  • Speed Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Main Power Disconnect Notification
  • State Boundary Alerts
  • Internal System Backup Battery
  • Off-Hour Alerts
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Tow Potential Theft Alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Locate On Demand
  • 3 Safety Boundaries (Geofences)

Roadside Assistance

  • Flat Tire/Tow Assistance
  • Gas Delivery
  • Dead Battery Jump
  • Towing Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Personal Assistance
  • Trip/Concierge Services

By owning the Hybrid “SELECT” System you are ensuring that your Power Sports Vehicle(s) are covered from head to toe with Protection & Security 24/7/365. Whether your Power Sports Vehicle is stolen or you break down and need assistance you can always rely on our Dedicated Specialists to be there for you.